Doing for Others Is the Best Form of Preparation

So how do you begin to actually LIVE this expansive and transformational life design you’ve imagined? How do you take the first step in a thousand-mile journey when the destination may seem distant and impossible to reach? You may now know where you want to end but don’t know the first move to take. You see, the dream that you want to achieve, but just can’t seem to grasp, is the next step. This is often the beginning many encounter when trying to embody their newly conceived life design.

Though turning a transformational design into a new reality can seem elusive, arduous and even inconceivable at times, we invite you to stop seeing your life design through the lens of impossibility and start to bravely take your next step through action. With eyes wide open, mind focused and heart ready, you can begin to embody a transformed life by starting exactly where you are. Yes, that’s right. A complete life transformation starts in this moment, with YOU, the person reading this right now, the one not satisfied with their current life trajectory, who yearns to see their dreams turned into a reality and knows the possibilities that could be.

It is in action, the actual DOING of your life design, that is the most beneficial, preparation step you can take. You will not begin to embody your life design by gathering more data points, proof points, or online training sessions. Not more planning.  Not more preparation. Not more thinking or asking for outside advice. But … DOING!  We invite you to take that first step of your new life design journey through action, by being a contribution to others.

It may seem contradictory at first. Why would embodying our new life design start with being contribution to others? Yet, when we see ourselves as a contribution, not as either achieving or failing in living our new design, two important things happen: we acknowledge our design’s important connection to a bigger whole and we transcend whatever scarcity surrounds us to instead live in a world of abundance, where we have something from our new life design to give, however small. In this way, we can begin to embody our new design so that it reconnects us with our passionate sense of purpose and our powerful sense of possibility.

Your life-transforming design begins with YOU taking the first step of being a contribution. We are here to tell you that it is possible to create a new life, that your days can be filled with meaning, purpose and significance and that you have the capacity for change. With eyes wide open, mind focused and heart ready, we invite you to take the first step and live your new design by first being a contribution for others, for it is the most powerful thing you can do to bring your dreams to life.

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