The Power of Place

In your work of life design, the physical places you inhabit can become much more than just stone and steel; they can become vibrant expressions of your life’s purpose. When you intentionally design your surrounding environment (whether that’s your office, your room, or even just your desk) to reflect the design you have for your life, the functional space turns into meaningful place and your surroundings act as accelerators and incubators in support of who you want to become and what you want your contribution to be.

Those who have visited our experience place in Keystone, Colorado, know the magnificence of the surroundings comes from the symbols and meaning we have designed into every section, every structure, every room. The architecture of Starizon doesn’t just hold up the physical structures of the building, it also upholds the story structure of the experience. Each area throughout our building may be pleasing to the eye, but the true power of this place is found in the meaning that lives within the story structures created.

Starizon, Discover
Starizon, Discover

Take our room Discover – the sweeping windows, surrounding nature and inspirational quotes written into the table tell the story of the powerful and transformational work being done in this place. We design this kind of meaning into every area of the building because we’ve seen the profound impact these story structures have on the life design of those working within its walls.

But you don’t need to construct an entirely new building or completely redesign an existing one to experience the power of story structures. By intentionally creating places, whether large or small, that are living, breathing expressions of your life design, you become immersed in an environment where a different experience of yourself can be explored and your personal aspirations can be realized. By literally stepping into inspiration, connection and purpose, your invisible dreams bump into meaningful matter and the ideas of who you want to be and how you want to live are manifest in the physical world. And that’s a powerful thing.  In turning functional space into meaningful place, your surroundings become an expression of the life you want, allowing you to reconnect with not just what you do but who you want to be in the world. In this way, your intentionally designed surroundings become conduits of power, bringing you back to the purpose of your life and the ability you have to shape it.

How can you design your physical surroundings to support the life you wish to live?

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