Creating Meaning in Miniature

When we go about the work of redesigning our life, often times we gather momentum and inspiration by envisioning the grand-scale changes we want to make.  The same thinking holds true when we are recreating our physical surroundings to support and reflect our new life plan. We may look at redesigning our entire office, our home, or other large-scale buildings. Redesigning our physical structures in their entirety is a wonderful thing and, in fact, we highly encourage it. A recreation of these spaces can help us live today with the aspirations we have for tomorrow. What we run the risk of however, is forgetting the importance of the small scale – those little changes that can make a big difference.

It’s possible to make small changes in your immediate surroundings so they become big reminders for living the life you’ve designed. When we use intention and meaning, even small changes can turn mundane space into a vibrantly meaningful place. But remember, your aim is not to just switch around objects, pictures or colors to create prettier surroundings. Your aim is to create, in miniature, a physical representation of the life you want to live and the person you want be become. Begin to think beyond functionality, beyond efficiency, beyond just “beautifying” your surroundings; think all the way to designing a meaningful and intentional place where, with every encounter, you are reminded of the work you are supposed to bring into the world.

Let’s begin!

Designing Meaning in the Miniature:

  1. Come up with a three to five-word personal Theme or bumper sticker description of your life design. Think symbolically. Some examples might have to do with uplifting others or conquering fear. What is yours? (Hint: Make sure to look at your talents and passions!) Have this written down in front of you as a reference to help guide you throughout this exercise.
  2. Take a moment to conduct a sensory audit of an area where you spend a great deal of time. This could be a bedroom, a work desk, your backyard, etc. Using all your senses (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell), observe how everything speaks and draws out positive and negative visual cues and feelings. What is your environment like? Do you see your life design anywhere in this environment? Does it capture the Theme of your life design and tell stories about who you are and who you dream of becoming? Does the space inspire and celebrate? Is it vibrant?
  3. Now, make a list of all the ideas you can think of that could help turn your environment into a place that is a true reflection of your life design. Consider things like colors, pictures, layout, objects, etc. Star all the ideas that are consistent with your life design Theme.
  4. Review the starred items. Which items give you a boost of energy and jolt of excitement when you think about them? Use this as your compass to select a sub-list of your previous ideas that have the greatest potential to truly build your life design into your immediate surroundings.
  5. Pick two or three changes that would make a significant impact that you can implement this month.

Now you have taken space and added intention to create your life design place. This physical environment in turn shapes you and the life you lead. Whether a table, a room, a backyard, a hallway or a desk, these newly conceived areas bring meaning into the miniature and serve as a reminder to fully embody the most inspirational and vibrant version of YOU.

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