My Life Is an Open Book

How often have we heard that one? Yet how many of us actually believe that our life is a book? Things might be very different if we did. If we truly saw our life as a book and ourselves as the author, what would we write? How would we want to be remembered? Things can suddenly change when we decide to intentionally write the story of our life. We can write chapters rich in aspiration and deep in meaning. Not only can we can write a better life for ourselves, but a life filled with purpose, meaning and calling.  Remember, no one else can tell our story, so we must tell it ourselves. And no one else can write our story, so we must write it ourselves.  In fact, we’re writing our life story right now, every one of us, this very instant. That’s a very powerful thought. Maybe even frightening. But don’t worry, we’ll help you get started.

Writing Your Life Story, Intentionally: 

  • First, draw an outline of a book cover, a blank one. Now take a moment on this imaginary book and write your current age on the cover. Imagine this is the literal book of your life, up to this point at least.
  • Second, take a few minutes and write down the five main chapter titles that would go in this book. These chapter titles are the key turning points or memories of your life thus far.

Okay, now take a deep breath because here’s the kicker. How will your story end? As with any good book, it could end any number of ways. None of us knows what the ending is yet and maybe that’s precisely the problem. If we knew the ending, maybe we could write some of the chapters in the middle a little bit better. So here is a way to get at that:

  • Third, imagine for a moment that your book, the one with your current age as the title, is actually it—this is your number. Imagine for a minute that you don’t get a bigger number. Now, take several minutes and write how it ends, vividly. This is not about your death, it’s about your story and the meaning conveyed by your life.

This exercise is so powerful because now you can look at how you want your story to end and what meaning you want to infuse in it. You’ve just made a statement of that.  If the meaning you are writing isn’t quite showing up in your current moments, if all the loose ends still don’t tie up to a grand culmination, you have a great advantage now because you still have the gift of time. Every day we’re given a blank page. We can’t go back and change all the things we’ve already written, but we can start today to write a new, better, more wonderful ending.

Now there’s only one question left to ask. Is your life an open book?

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