Powering Up Your Life Design

Design is a potent and powerful thing. Yet the act of conceiving, brainstorming and conceptualizing that is necessary to creating your life design can be miscast.  For sure, these are important first steps but they can often be mistaken for being both the starting chapter and the ending conclusion to the life design process, as if the thinking up of new ideas was all you had to do to bring those ideas into reality.

Design is essential in creating an intentional life, but design alone is not sufficient.

It is at this moment, after you’ve dreamed it and conceived it, that your design is the most fragile. It is still just in your mind’s eye and has yet to be brought into your everyday reality. Sometimes, after this ideation phase, people come back down to their current lives and can easily forget what could and should take flight with their new conception. It’s easy to let the pernicious voice of “someday” come in and steal your newly conceived design. That’s why we have to build in more energy by utilizing the power of partnerships and by living the Act As If principle.

You can build more energy and momentum into your life design through the power of partnerships. Other people can serve as potent capacitors in helping you live the design in the outer world that you’ve conceived in your imagination. Let us clarify this point a bit with … physics. (Yes, you did read that correctly). You remember Ohm’s Law, right? Don’t worry, we’ll explain it and we promise it won’t be too painful! Ohm’s Law looks at the flow of energy through a circuit. This flow is known as the current and is related to the voltage (strength of the force motivating the flow) and the resistance (friction through the circuit that impedes flow).

current = voltage/resistance

One of the ways to build your flow of energy is through capacitors – a circuit device that is used to increase flow by increasing force. If you want the vision of your design to become a reality, you need to utilize capacitors in the form of personal partnerships.   When you partner with others that hold the unique blend of enthusiasm, confidence, humility and talent, you create an increase in flow, bringing more power and energy to your newly conceived design.

Another way to expand the energy of your life design is by living the Act As If principle. So many get stuck in the planning, preparations and projecting that they never get to the doing. Doing is the best form of preparation. It beats planning, it beats projecting, it beats modeling because you are actually doing the thing. Ready. Fire. Aim. produces far better results than Ready. Aim. Aim. Aim. Aim. Aim. When you begin to Act As If your life design is already true, you begin to turn invisible intentions into meaningful matter, connecting the image of your intentional life to the initial doing of your intentional life. Now, that’s a powerful thing.

It’s true that the conception of your life design is key. You first need to conceive an intentional life, but it is only through expanding your energy that the newly formed and fragile idea can become a part of your everyday reality. Wherever you find yourself in your life design process, do not succumb to the sly guise of “someday.” You are here for a reason. The time to start living your life design is not “someday”… it is NOW.

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