Live in the Paradox

Doing this work of life design requires you to live in the world of paradox. While it’s true you are the author of your life story, it is also true that living your design requires the help of others. You are the spark that ignites your new life, but for this spark to turn into a blaze, it needs the fire of others.

Utilize the Power of Person Capacitors

Person capacitators are those individuals who hold a unique blend of enthusiasm, confidence, humility and talent that can help in increasing flow and bringing more power and energy to your newly conceived life design.

Think about those people who could be person capacitors in your current life design quest:

  1. Let’s start the well-known icons in our world. Jot down any famous figures that come to mind who you would say have the attributes of person capacitors.
  2. Why did you pick these people? There are many famous or well-known individuals in our world so what was it about these individuals that drew you to them?

There is no doubt that famous people’s lives are powerful. They help us see our possibilities in a bigger frame and reflect back to us what we value and hope for in our own lives. But we don’t have to use famous people as our reference.

3. Now, think of a person who will undoubtedly be much less famous than those described above. Think of the person who you would say is your most important mentor or teacher. They helped you to see yourself differently and to become a better human being. Take a couple of minutes and vividly envision this person and the time they were with you. What did they see in you … what did they encourage from you, how has this affected your life?

4. What did this mentor or teacher give to you that still impacts who you are in the world and what you believe you can do?

When you bring this person to your awareness again and again, it can create an energy of its own, bringing more strength and momentum so that the image of your life can become the reality of your world.

The additional paradox you are required to live if your life design is to be true and meaningful is you must embrace resistance, even when everything inside of you wants to run away from it. You will encounter resistance on your path—it is a part of the process. If you don’t, you have picked the wrong path. You’ve picked the middle of the road of a current path.  So, if you find you aren’t having any resistance, it’s time to be more aggressive in your dream. But when you do run into setbacks or hardships, don’t just focus on the resistance that might arise, focus on the energy these person capacitors can bring to your new life design. And most importantly, have no doubt that if you collect enough person capacitors, your spark can ignite into a blaze and there won’t be any amount of resistance you can’t overcome.

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