Magic at Flashpoint

Do you believe in magic?  Not the rabbit out of the hat kind of magic but the magic that happens when things come together in your life without explanation? While most of us have felt a moment of synchronicity or a flash of inspiration, we view these sparks of magic as being uncontrollable, happenstance, or just plain coincidence. Yet, there are those whose lives are full of these magical moments, where synchronicity and inspiration are the norm, not the exception. These individuals have designed their life to BE magical. So, how can we do this for ourselves? How can we intentionally design more magic into our life? We do it by uncovering our natural talents and personal passions so we can customize our work and our life to be a true expression of who we are.

While you might have talents that you really don’t care to use, or you may have passions that can’t be used because you don’t have the talent needed, it is precisely at this intersection of your talents and your passions that a spark happens – you have created a brand-new force, a brand-new direction, you have created your MAGIC! Your magic is uniquely yours and you know you have found it because the synchronicities that were once absent begin to appear and inspiration and insight become the norm.

When you discover your magic, your work can also become a partner, not a hindrance, in helping you live the intersection of your talents and passions. In offering your magic, work suddenly isn’t a “job,” but a way that you can vibrantly contribute to the world around you. Finding this point of intersection, this flashpoint, gives a whole new context to your work, to your career and most importantly, to your life.

Let’s see how this works in practice:

Step 1: First, make a list of your natural talents.

Step 2: Then identify your personal passions.

Step 3: Now make new flashpoints by intersecting your talents and passions in   as many ways as you can think of.  (Note: At this point of the exercise, don’t critique your ideas. Your flashpoints can be discoveries that have yet to come true or seem far out of reach from where you are at the moment.)

Example: If Michelangelo were doing this exercise, he might write   “sculpting” down as a natural talent. For personal passion, he might write down “poetry.” His magic at flashpoint when these two things intersect could be, “sculpting using poems for inspiration.”

Step 4: Now you try. Take a look at your list of flashpoints and circle the top choice that you feel most excited about, where you can see there is already an opening, however small, in your life to start living this flashpoint.

Step 5: Lastly, and this is important, commit to taking steps to start making this flashpoint a reality in your work and life to bring more meaning into your every day.

Let’s use Michelangelo’s words, “Ancora Imparo” (I am still learning) as a reminder to continue to find and live the flashpoints of your talents and passions in your life and work as often as you can. And remember to keep watch of those synchronicities, insights and inspirations that begin to “magically” appear as you intentionally design your life to be a true expression of YOU.

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