DO Who You Are

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.” ~ Lewis Carroll

Many of the great philosophers throughout history have thought about it, talked about it, theorized about it … this idea of understanding who we are. Even the great oracles at Delphi believed it to be so important that they inscribed the infamous words, “Know Thyself” over the entrance to the Temple of Apollo. But times have changed from those our Greek counterparts were living. In our modern world, how might we come to know ourselves? How do we discover what we do best and love most? And how do we translate this to where we spend the vast majority of our time – our work?

We have all run into those unique individuals who have successfully answered these questions and embodied the Delphic maxim to “Know Thyself.” Those who love what they do, bask in what they do and can’t imagine doing anything else because they aren’t just doing a job, they are vibrantly doing who they are.

The occupations of these individuals may vary but their sentiment does not. Those who have discovered what they do best and love most have the pulse of life resonating within them out into the world.  So what is their secret? How have they been able to reconcile work and life in such a way that they radiate life, possibility and purpose?

At first, capturing their secret and living it yourself may seem an impossible task, but vibrantly doing who you are is not an impossibility at all. Living your life with possibility and purpose is within everyone’s grasp. How do we do this? We can use some simple principles of Experience Design to solve this great puzzle and translate the answer into the fabric of our daily lives. We do it by uncovering and understanding our natural talents and personal passions to customize how we design our work and life to be a true expression of who we are, not just what we do.

We all have talents that come to us naturally – we were born with them, we can do them with ease. And we all have personal passions – those things that get us excited and enthusiastic. Focus just on talents and we may not touch that inner drive that continually moves us in action; focus just on passion and our action may never realize into anything concrete. The key is to uncover both talents and passions so the spark of synchronicity, that moment of elation, can begin to occur with more and more frequency. Then you start to feel differently, your life starts to feel enthusiastic, exciting, full – because you are doing who you are.

Viewed in this way, Experience Design applied to our life becomes paramount because we can begin to use our natural talents and personal passions to answer the greatest puzzle of all – the puzzle of “who am I.” We can choose how we fit our work into our lives, and most importantly of all, by living our talents and passions we can choose to live our MAGIC! (more on that later…)

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