Before you get scared that we’ve started our new Asterisk post with a bit of math, first realize that your whole life could be changed by understanding the English version of this equation. When you take the characteristics of intention and effort, you can bridge the seemingly separate worlds of unmanifested dreams on the one side and lived current reality on the other. When you go a step further and combine intention with effort into one united force, you get an even more powerful quality of
Purposeful Perseverance or P².

Using your own personal theme, the three to five-word description of the Essence of who you are, or what you’re trying to become, to design an intentional life is the best way we know to cross the bridge from dreams to reality. Conquering the Impossible or Inspiring Wonder in Others are just a couple examples of what a personal theme could be. But you’ve got to go beyond just coming up with the right words. There will be obstacles that appear along the way. Detours and adjustments are naturally a part of the process of becoming, yet many lose sight of their purpose because they haven’t attached along with it the needed perseverance. Stopping when things don’t go perfectly to plan is just another way of saying “I can’t do it.” But instead of just putting on a fake smiley face in times of twists and turns, maybe if we added a little bit to the end of that sentiment we could get back up in a more creative way and still stay true to our personal theme and intention.

Try these on:

“I can’t do it – in this way.”
“I can’t do it – in this amount of time.”
“I can’t do it – under these rules.”
“I can’t do it – without a different design.”
“I can’t do it – in this space.”
“I can’t do it – at this pace.”
“I can’t do it – with these distractions.”
“I can’t do it – with these tools.”
“I can’t do it – with this limited point of view.”

The list could go on and on but do you see the result of this little thought extension exercise? It changes your point of view from inability and inaction to Purposeful Perseverance. If time, design, money or speed is the only thing standing between you and living your dreams, let’s start working on creative ways to address it. Suddenly you are moving again and in a specific, intentional direction. You aren’t just banging your head against the same wall or in all different directions, you are developing new methods and new approaches to reach your purpose-filled life. Determination replaces despair. Enthusiasm of spirit replaces extinction of spirit. We are getting rid of the “it will never work” voice. And while we might not be sailing as directly into the headwind as we were before, we are tacking in a way that will get us where we want to go. We are on our way to being living expressions of our intention.

Instilling Purposeful Perseverance not only keeps us moving in the direction of our intentional life, it also prevents the all too common tragedy of being “somedayed,”as explained in the poem below:

A cautionary poem

Someday comes to still your voice,
to steal ideas and stall your choice;
to promise all and then betray–
the dark deception named Someday.

The villain creeps, a thief of dreams.
Fair he feels, and fine he seems.
Like Midas, all at first is gold.
Today is gone. Tomorrow, sold.

Later lurks to drown desire,
hide your heart and damp your fire.
Softly, silky, sly is he;
a viper’s kiss, time poisons thee.

Intention, dressed in ‘morrow’s clothes
–a fragile day, a mortal knows–
will laugh at what you never made.
And then you’re old. You’ve been Somedayed.

Don’t find yourself stuck in the realization that you’ve lost your direction, your intention, or your dreams to the tragedy of “someday.” We can change our minds, remain true to our theme and create that bridge to enable us to live our purpose (and with perseverance, of course!). Henry Ford was right – “Think you can.  Think you can’t.  Either way you’ll be right.” Don’t ever give up. Ever. When doubt creeps in, don’t fall prey to defeat, instead rise up with your own Personal Perseverance.

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