Get Your Head Out of Reality and into the Clouds

What if our approach to reality started with a dream? Now, we know this is not the most obvious starting point in dealing with “what is.” In fact, we know it is often the case that dreams are not just different from reality, they are many times the opposite of reality. Yet, a dream is a powerful thing. Our dreams can focus us and pull us out of momentary details and distractions that we are constantly surrounded by. At Starizon, we are big advocates of the dreamers – the ones who try new things, either achieving success or perhaps stumbling in their efforts. We are not ones who recommend “getting your head out of the clouds.” We are, however, advocates of connecting our head in the clouds with our feet on the ground.

Our approach to changing reality is not to lessen the dreaming,

but to connect it more directly with the doing.

What we’ve found in our Experience Design work over the years, is that it’s not just companies who benefit from this connection of dreams to reality, people do too.  When people allow themselves the time and space to consider, deeply and thoughtfully, how to live their passions and talents, they can become, in the words of William Ernest Henley, “masters of their fate and captains of their soul.”  Those individuals who live vibrant and meaningful lives, those who actually DO their dreams, are able to because they have connected their world of imagination to their current reality.

Yet, those dreamers who have become masters of their fate and captains of their soul have done the opposite of what most of us do – they have set their course by first looking within rather than outside for direction. They have uncovered the key element, their personal theme, that directs and guides all the details of their life.  This personal theme is a three to five-word description of the Essence of who you are or what you’re trying to become. For example, the personal theme for Gary Adamson, Starizon’s Chief Experience Officer, is tied to being an explorer and discoverer. When we approach our days guided by our personal theme, we are designing our own intentional life. And it is through this design that we can all capture our dreams and make them a reality.

What the theme of your life design does is tie all the separate decisions and activities together. It helps you decide what you want to say YES to (what fits in with your life theme) and what you want to leave out (what detracts or takes away from your theme). The intentional theme (or the absence of) for your life contributes enormously to how you will experience it. If there is a desire to create a life experience where your dreams and imagination are realized as a result of your doing, an intentional theme will shape the direction your action takes. From this place, the details of planning, strategizing and deciding can be guided by what dream you want to create for yourself. Consequently, your life is no longer left to happenstance, but becomes seeped in direction and purpose.

So, how do we even start to intentionally design our dreams into reality and build a life experience that is an embodiment of our own personal theme? We must draw out from within two essential characteristics that profoundly impact how we set in motion this Experience work into our life. What are these two qualities? You’re going to have to read our next Asterisk post to find out.

For now, just continue to keep your head in the clouds.

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