What Questions Are You Asking?

Most of the time when we think or talk about the importance of using Experience principles (Intentional, Individual, Interactive, Interpret, Inspirational, Institute), it is at the company level. Our questions are on a grand scale. We ask, “How can we differentiate from our competitors?” Or, “how can this Experience work increase customer loyalty?” These are the large-scale questions and are important to answer if we are to understand the power and impact of Experience in the world of business. But what if we were to take these same principles and apply them to our life? We would start to ask the questions: “How can I create a differentiated life that is a true reflection of my passions and talents?” Or, “How can I be loyal to my own dreams and aspirations?”

Using the Experience Design principles applied to our life, we can start to understand the power and impact of Life Design by asking these six questions below:

  • What Orchestrating Element Will You Use to Connect All Aspects of your Life Experience? The theme of your life Experience ties all the separate decisions and activities together.  It helps you decide and choose what you want to say yes to (what fits in with your life theme) and what you want to leave out (what detracts or takes away with your theme).  (Intentional)
  • How Will You Efficiently Customize the Experience to You? When you connect and develop your specific talents and passions, you begin to uncover your Magic.  Understanding and living your unique Magic ties your daily actions to your highest expression. (Individual)
  • How Will You Cohesively Expand the Experience? You can expand the power and reach of your Life Design by utilizing the tools of technology and partnerships to grow your impact and influence onto the world stage. (Interactive)
  • How Will You Interpret the Experience Through Physical Place Making? You can design your intentional theme into the physical structures around you, turning the mundane spaces into sacred places that support and reinforce your highest living expression. (Interpret)
  • How Will You Make the Work a Cause? In the work of Life Design, you become a master storyteller and author, writing the pages to your own book of life. You will go beyond the “what” and the “how” to answering “why.” (Inspirational)
  • Lastly, How Will You Vibrantly Live and Teach in this New Way?  What will you develop as your own core curriculum so that the Intentional, Individual, Interactive, Interpreted and Inspirational Experience becomes “the way” in your own heart and mind. (Institute)

You’ll no doubt remember, because we harp on it endlessly, that answering these six questions is the most fundamental way to make your work intentional; to make it memorable; to make it meaningful. But these are three good characteristics to also have in our lives, not just in our Experience of work. So, when we can apply these principles on a personal basis, we can get the same world-class results. We can transform the “just-another-day” existence into another-memorable-day Experience.

Imagine going through your life in this way, where you create the Experiences you want to have, where all interactions and events contribute to building your own Life Design curriculum. Living with this kind of intention, you just might watch more carefully for the connection between seemingly random events and how they provide insight to the life questions of living your passions and talents or being loyal to your dreams and aspirations. In using the Experience principles applied to your life, you can answer these questions and fit the seemingly unrelated pieces of your life puzzle together to form a tapestry of beauty, majesty and possibility. This is Life Design and you begin, not by trying to find the right answers, but in asking the right questions.

So, what questions are you asking of life?

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