The Next Level of Experience – Life Design

Imagine that we lived in a world where you could only study two books. One dealt with spiritual matters and the other could be any single subject you choose. What knowledge would you deem most essential?  Some of us might choose history, science, or the arts. Others, mathematics, humanities, or business. But a thoughtful few would be guided by this important truth: no one can be truly great until she has a knowledge of herself. And only through this school of self-reflection will we be emboldened to give up all that we are for all that we could become.

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself, what does all this Experience stuff have to do with me? After all, most Experience Design work has been focused on the company – Experiences that are staged for customers, clients and staff. Experience on this level is important work that should and must continue if we are to break free of the conventional wisdom that would keep us in incremental improvement instead of doing the real work of transformation. But Experience Design is also expanding into other areas besides just the company level; it’s also on a different one – the life Experience of individual people.  As stated by Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore in their book The Experience Economy, “Experiences affect who we are, what we can accomplish and where we are going.”  Experiences don’t just affect our businesses, they affect our lives.

All the practices that fundamentally change the business-as-usual work to new-to-the-world Experiences can also reach into your own life. Your work, as well as your life, can be an intentionally designed Experience. When we use Experience Design principles and apply them beyond the confines of our companies, the day after day, dull progression many feel in life can instead be turned into a day after day expression of heart, passion and possibility. And when you live this kind of Experience, you become a positive force in the world that gives others permission to do the same, not just at work, but at home, at school, in all areas.

Designing your life in this way is transformative. It doesn’t start with where you currently are, it goes out to the future to discover what you’d like to become and works its way backwards from there. And to achieve this transformation, a transformation in life, we must learn a very specific subject, the subject of YOU. So, the question now becomes which book will you choose to study? It is in the pages of Experience applied to life that a new future awaits, a future of your own intentional making, your
Life Design. We think that’s a book worth reading.

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