The Magic in Connection

Business today tends to focus most, if not all, its energy on connecting the day-to-day operations to the bottom line. Little thought is given to even the possibility of focusing energy elsewhere to make more meaningful kinds of connections. But what other possibilities might exist if we expand our energy of connection beyond what the conventional business wisdom prescribes?

The power of connection is a topic we have had the opportunity to explore throughout our years of Experience Design and Staging work. While we continually discover new insights, there are wisdoms that maintain their relevance no matter how many years have passed since the initial discovery. The power of connecting our talents and passions is one of them. While we might have talents that we really don’t care to use or we may have passions that can’t be used because we don’t have the talent needed, it is precisely at this connection of our talents and our passions that we discover our MAGIC – that place where the happiness that comes from doing who you are flows naturally. It is in this place that we come to understand why the root word meaning of enthusiasm is “God Within.” And in discovering our own greatness, we also have the ability to discover how we can uncover it in others as well.

But what does all this have to do with creating a vibrant culture?  In short – everything. In order to transform company cultures, and not just incrementally improve them, we can’t disconnect the people from the company. While working with the wider systems and structures is important to create vibrant cultures, it is not enough to connect things on just this level and expect the individuals to “get in line.” The work of designing vibrant cultures needs to connect deeply with the individual.  What we have found in working with numerous companies who aspire to be the best-in-the-world is this:

The result of each individual finding the connection between their talents and passions is a culture that is vibrant because the people are vibrant.

 Companies who expand their energy and guide individuals within the organization to find their talents and passions understand that the vibrant culture of a company is made through vibrant individuals. And what happens as a result is individuals have a stronger sense of purpose and meaning in their work and a deeper connection to the company.

Both, at the Same Time

 While it is crucial to connect the organizational Essence into every policy, action, and strategy, it is vital to find the connection of your individual talents, passions and vibrance that is created when the organizational and individual come together. Working on the organizational level may create change; working on the individual level can bring more life into the work. But the transformation into a vibrant culture takes place when both the organizational and individual levels are worked on at the same time.  We cannot design a vibrant culture without a vibrant organization and we cannot build a vibrant organization without vibrant individuals. We need both a vibrant whole and vibrant parts to create the depth and breadth of connection that fosters vibrancy in our organizations. So let’s move beyond the conventional business wisdom of only connecting with the bottom line and instead seek to bring connection to both the whole of our organization and the parts that make up the heart – the people.

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What MAGIC would happen if you connected your talents and passions?

How can you connect your own MAGIC into the Essence of your organization?

In what ways can you connect with others to help them discover their talents and passions?

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