Asterisk–The Mark We Make

When people use punctuation it is usually to make their sentences sharper, their meaning clearer. It is rare that actual meaning is given to the punctuation marks themselves. At Starizon we’ve developed them into a symbolic shorthand that we call Bits of Transformational Matter. These “bits” can focus our thinking and change our worldview at a moment’s notice. Want to focus on what is great in a given situation, what you love about an effort, an idea, or a cause-use the exclamation point (!) thinking/acting capture it.

Want to activate your beginners mind and see things from a new perspective. Want to share a concern as a way of improvement not a way to criticize- use the question mark (?) thinking/acting as a transformational approach. How about to add a new idea or build on something that already inspires you–Ampersand (&) thinking/acting is for you. All of these marks, as well as the period and apostrophe, help us realize that when we intentionally choose how we approach something, our thoughts and actions become better, deeper and more powerful.

Intentionality is something that permeates all aspects of our work at Starizon. Customer and Employee Experiences are intentionally designed. Buildings intentionally unfold as engaging, inspirational stories. Cultures are intentionally architected to support the mission, vision and beliefs of a family, an organization, a community or even a country. But perhaps nowhere is intentionality more important than the choices we make about how we use our talents, passions and time in crafting a uniquely, meaningful life. The quality of our contributions to our work, to our families, to our country and to our personal joy depends on our constant use of introspection and purpose. In this way we can live the depth of our life, not just the length of it. We can choose the Mark We Make.

To symbolize this essential and special mark, we have chosen the Asterisk. By definition, the asterisk is used to call attention to something, to highlight something special or show something interesting or important.

We also like that asterisk contains the word “risk,” because risk is required to make any breakthrough, whether it’s in the personal or organizational realm. The root words of asterisk mean “little star,” a way to bring more heat (passion) and light (illumination) to everything you do.

In sports records books, the asterisk is a not so silent plea for authenticity. And authenticity, in our organizations and in our lives, is at the root of meaningful experience.

Lastly, in math the asterisk indicates multiplication- because the personal aspect of Experience work, the uniting of the head and heart, creates far greater results than could ever be achieved by simply following someone else’s written prescription.

Asterisk will be a place to find provocations that capture your imagination and make you feel. It is our intent here to break down the artificial wall that separates “work-life” and “life-life.” To provide the inspiration and insight needed to do the extraordinary in every realm. And to help you vibrantly “do who you are” in order to make the mark only you can make. Here’s to the Asterisk.*

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