A High-Performance Guide Team

of Experience Specialists


At Starizon Studio, the prominent theme of exploration and discovery is no mere metaphor.  We consider our clients to be Explorers of their own future…and we all know that every Explorer needs a Guide.  

Starizon Studio has established a cadre of the best minds and talents in the country to serve as our Client Guides.  Deeply committed to all the principles and practices of the Experience Economy movement, this team of thinkers, strategists, designers, and practitioners is comprised of both pioneers in the Experience Economy and innovators in Experience Design and Staging.

Once your goals and objectives have been carefully assessed, our Guides gather in high-performance teams specifically around your needs. This ensemble of talent is custom-built only and exactly to match your market challenge and opportunity.  Team members utilize their complementary skills in pursuit of your performance goals, and hold themselves mutually accountable for the work. 

The clients who come to imagine, explore, and discover with Starizon Studio can count on this team of Guides to bring together an unmatched level of vision and capability…providing fresh perspectives to help not only see a new future, but reach it.  

Come meet a select number of our Guides, and what unique backgrounds and skills they bring to our clients.

Gary Adamson

Gary Adamson has devoted his entire career to expanding the boundaries of what’s possible. After nearly 30 years in healthcare business development, marketing and operations, Gary consistently found a detrimental gap between the brand promise that organizations make and the brand experience actually delivered. Given this, he set out to find the most innovative thinking and best people to help solve this complex business challenge. The result was his 1999 founding of Starizon, with the purpose of helping organizations intentionally design the experiences that would significantly transform them and strengthen their brand success. As Starizon’s CXO, Gary created the Starizon 6-I’s of Experience process, which is critical to the explorations and discovery employed with Starizon members.

Joe Pine

Joe Pine is an author, speaker, and management advisor to Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial start-ups alike. As an owner, senior Guide and coach with Starizon, he provides extraordinary scholarship, insight, and creativity to the client experience. Joe co-wrote the best-selling business book The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage (Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 1999), which stands as the seminal work in the field. The book describes the emerging consumer quest for experiences – memorable events that engage customers in an inherently personal way. The book also lays the foundation for how businesses can create value by embracing theatre as the operating model for staging unique experiences and provides the working principles utilized with all Starizon members.

Joe extended the ideas here in Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want, also co-written with Jim Gilmore, to show how that in the Experience Economy, people no longer want the fake from the phony; they want the real from the genuine.

Joe also wrote “Mass Customization: The New Frontier in Business Competition,”  numerous articles for the "Harvard Business Review," "The Wall Street Journal," "Chief Executive," "Worldlink," "CIO" and "Health Forum," among others. He is also frequently quoted in such places as "Forbes," "The New York Times," "Wired," "Business 2.0," "USA TODAY," "ABC News,""Good Morning America," "Fortune," "Business Week" and "Industry Week."

Ed Goodman

An inventive thinker and creatively-oriented technical and management professional, Ed’s career has spanned the fields of experience design, marketing, strategic planning, engineering, land planning, television/media production, entertainment (including playing the trumpet with the likes of  Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughn, Doc Severinsen, Tony Bennett, Temptations, Natalie Cole, Pat Metheny, and Ray Charles) and non-profit think tank management. Ed has crafted new thinking models known as the Challenge-Solution Model, the Visioneering Process, Creative Dreamscaping and is a co-creator with Dave Goodman of the Spiral Thinking Theory and author of the new book, “Creating The New American Dream – The Spiral Renaissance Theory.”

Ed has extensive experience with creative organizations including The Walt Disney Company, where he was an expert consultant, think tank member, strategic planning advisor, marketing strategist, education product producer and television producer.

His philosophy is based on his belief there is inner genius in every human being. We all have the potential to make a significant difference, reach the career of our dreams, and find our own version of our dream life. Our lives, relationships and spiral influence can all be enhanced when we take time to dream, spiral think and actively engage in finding our best self.

Mark Scott

Mark Scott embraces a strong commitment and passion for changing the landscape of the consumer experience. As a pioneer in culture change and development, he brings an intimate understanding of the strategic and tactical experience required for initiating and sustaining organizational transformation. As a result of Mark’s ground-breaking leadership while CEO at Mid-Columbia Medical Center in The Dalles, Oregon, the hospital received national accolades, recognitions and awards including “100 Best Companies To Work For In Oregon,” one of 15 hospitals to be noted by Modern Maturity as a hospital with heart, and the first hospital in the nation to implement the patient-centered Planetree philosophy system-wide. Over 1400 companies have come from around the world to study the innovations Mark led. Mark is now an owner, senior Guide, and coach who serves as an integral resource to Starizon clients.

Leigh Adamson

Leigh Adamson offers a balance of vision, practicality, and passion for succeeding with innovative ventures. As a co-founder of Starizon, Leigh was heavily involved in the design and completion of Starizon’s unique Experience Design and Staging Place in Keystone. Of particular note, as a co-founder of a leading national initiative called Spirit of Women, she developed partnerships with leading media, corporations, and hospitals to inspire women to reach new personal and professional success. Today Leigh draws from her extensive background in marketing, healthcare, and consulting to guide Starizon clients throughout their memberships, developing and designing entirely new client experiences that transform these organizations.

Doug Parker

Doug Parker’s strong marketing and business development background combined with his intimate knowledge of the Experience Economy’s impact prepared him well for his role as owner and Chief Interest Officer at Starizon. He helps corporate executives understand the benefits of Starizon memberships and assists in identifying the Starizon resources that best balance a client’s immediate and long-term Experience Design and Staging needs. Prior to his work at Starizon, Doug held senior marketing positions in agency advertising and commercial aviation before entering the consulting world. Since 1996 he has worked with Joe Pine in his speaking and publishing work as Managing Partner of Strategic Horizons LLP.

Chuck Feltz


 As the former CEO or president of five

 companies (including a Fortune 500

 company and an international start-up),

 Chuck brings a strong business leader’s

  perspective on the value of experience

  design to his partnership role at Starizon.

  The success of his work in building value

  through the use of purposeful, orchestrated experience design has been published in the books Indispensable: How to Become the Company Your Customers Can’t Live Without (Joe Calloway) and The Case for B2B Branding (Bob Lamons).

Chuck has utilized experience design in B2B, B2C and employee venues as part of his customer-centric approach to business strategy. Because of the work he and his team did at
Deluxe Corporation, over 1000 financial executives have visited their showcase Phoenix Customer Care Center to consult and learn the principles that drove their success.

He is a passionate proponent about the role of ethical leadership and experience design in affecting organizational cultural change and transformation and speaks regularly on the “Obligation of Leadership” and “Cultural Change” to graduate business schools at several universities.

The Starizon Staff

Starizon Studio’s staff assists in all phases of client membership. Having passed a rigorous (and inspiring) series of auditions, the staff is well versed in the “Starizon Studio Way” and the vocabulary and intentions of the Experience Economy. Whether it is helping to lead a client Experience Expedition, capturing client aspirations in a compelling Experience plan, or creating highly tactile materials for use in our sessions, the Starizon staff has been hand-picked to ensure a seamless and memorable client experience from start to finish.

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